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“Love Works” is a television show that focuses on Family Law and the need for reform. We are committed to sharing the solution with targeted parents and the general public. Our hope is that parents and especially children can live life without the destruction that is currently occurring on a daily basis in Family courtrooms around the country and the world.



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Patrick Pursley

In 1993, Patrick Pursley was charged with the murder of Andy Ascher. From the beginning, Pursley not only proclaimed his innocence but sought out his own ballistic expert who examined the bullets on 3 separate occasions and took photographs showing the bullets did not match the crime scene. Nevertheless, he was found guilty and sentenced to natural life in prison.

While in prison, Pursley became a certified Paralegal and received a grant to take correspondence classes. Through his education, he became a prolific jailhouse lawyer helping the wrongfully convicted obtain their freedom.

While incarcerated, he applied his legal skills to fight his own case. In 2000, he sought new gun-testing with a new system called, "IBIS, Integrated Ballistic Identification System." The appellate court ruled that he wouldn't be able to receive the new gun testing he requested because the state only allowed for DNA testing and the state law would need to be amended and changed.

After an 8 year legal battle, Pursley obtained the ballistic photos from his trial. He then filed a lawsuit against various officials and agencies which was dismissed. However, the appellate court ruled that the gun and bullets from his trial had to be preserved. A few years later, and thousands of letters to attorneys asking and pleading for help, he exhausted all of his appeals and remedies.

After having words with a warden in 2006, Pursley was sent to the hole/segregation with little food, ice on the walls, freezing temperatures in his cell and thousands of roaches. Conditions that the normal, average person would find inhumane and uninhabitable.

Later, he wrote an article that went into a newsletter, "Stateville Speaks." The article became a bill that was signed into law by Governor, Rob Blagojevich, on 10/27/2007. With his ballistic photos and the new law in his favor, The Center for Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University and Law Firm, Jenner & Block took over his case.

Eventually he was granted several rounds of gun testing with IBIS, which showed the gun did not match and also testing by several experts from the Illinois State Police & Defense Experts who all verified that the bullets did not match the crime scene. Pursley won his evidentiary hearing in December of 2017 and was granted a new trial. But, instead of being completely exonerated, he continued out his sentence of serving time for a crime he did not commit.

Also while in prison, Pursley immersed himself in academia taking college-level courses. By attending these classes he developed a curriculum for at-risk youth as he himself grew up as a ward of the state after his mother terminated her parental rights. Seeking acceptance and approval and love from a gang after being neglected and abandoned by his mother, he became a gang member, and with several run-ins with the law he went to prison repeatedly.

Because of experiencing "street life," homelessness, drugs, and "gang-banging," this lifestyle lead him into writing primarily for at-risk youth, and then for the academic world. With the help of other prisoners, teachers, and his fiancé while in prison, Pursley's writings and brand, "IAMKIDCULTURE" grew. He has since written a book series called, "The Adventures of KidCulture and The World Explorers, Volume 1 in the Queen's Chamber," which can be purchased on Amazon.com and on his website, "IAMKIDCULTURE.org."

Pursley's material has been widely read and distributed and despite his problems complying with all of the conditions of pretrial release, he remains positive and committed to never going back to street life and is passionate in his pursuit of building the "KIDCULTURE" brand into a successful organization and corporation that markets and creates conscious content and material to reach at-risk youth. The mission statement being reducing gun & gang violence, and promoting higher education through conscious knowledge.

Upon his release on bond, he does speaking engagements, Podcasts, Radio and Television shows and interviews, and Live Facebook Videos to make the IAMKIDCULTURE.org and KIDCULTURE-TALENT.com a reality.

Pursley also uses his legal acumen to help those who have been wrongly convicted & wronged by the state through Wrongful Conviction Consultants, a Facebook business page designed, built and maintained by his fiance and his supporters. To date, Pursley faces 1-3 years in prison for attempt to foil a mandatory drug test. He suffers from a myriad of mental and physical health issues and concerns all stemming from his 24 year order of being wrongfully convicted and spending more than 2 decades behind bars in the Stateville Prison system, one of the most notorious and toxic prisons in the United States.

He has filed a Wrongful Conviction Civil suit in Federal District court although he still remains on a strict curfew, not allowed to have a cell phone, or to have social media accounts, and his family and fiancé maintains his public profile accounts for him.

He can be reached through his fiance and his family at:


Wrongful Convictions Constultants @: https://www.facebook.com/Wrongful-conviction-consultants-865849473579724/





April 25-27, 2019 - Judicial Civil Rights March

(In the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,) I would like to invite all of you to Washington D.C. on April 25-27 in 2019 to promote a modern Civil Rights agenda that includes one standard of justice and decency for all people regardless of cause or issue in order to raise awareness on False Accusations/Allegations, Wrongful Convictions, False Imprisonment, Parental Alienation, Grandparent Alienation, Estrangement; Forced Adoption, CPS (and the Foster Care System); Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Initiative; Human Trafficking, Child Sex Trafficking, and Judicial Corruption in order to establish judicial change within the justice system for ALL.

Location, and time are currently TBD. We will keep you updated with information as information becomes available.

Rafael Calderon interviews Jessica Luv about her business, "Luv Java."

The First Show.

Jessica Love

With Special Guest Star, Jessica Love. Jessica Love is a former Jehovah Witness who left this belief-system. She was a targeted and alienated parent who fought to make a better life for herself and her child; a life that her child would want to be a part of. She is also the founder of LuvJava, a small business that distributes high-performance coffee products.

Happiness Jungle - Your Gateway To High-Performance Health - LuvJava Learn how one girl made a difference because she wanted to make something so tasteful that she figured out a way to create her dream to add healthy value for you! Jessica Love http://luvjava.com


Justice for Wrongfully Convicted: Peter Wlasiuk

"Evil succeeds when good people say nothing." —Peter Wlasiuk

Peter is currently imprisoned at Attica Correctional Facility, located upstate New York.


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